Turkish Cuisine Week - Cookery Holiday

3 - 10 June 2019

Each of our guests has his or her own favourite aspect of Mandarin - be it our beautiful setting, our luxurious guestrooms, our peaceful ambience or the friendly informal atmosphere - but flicking back through the many kind comments left in our guestbook, one area that seems to attract particular praise is our food. Recruited from the local village, our chef serves up authentic Turkish home cooking. making full use of fresh produce from our region and drawing on traditional recipes passed down from mother to daughter for generations.

For those of you keen to recreate some of these mouth-watering creations at home, we have decided to open up our kitchen for a special cookery holiday. Our Turkish Cuisine Week will comprise five practical, hands-on demonstrations by Mandarin's chef, with Ghislain on hand to translate. These cookery lessons will mainly take place in the early afternoons, from Tuesday to Saturday, leaving the whole of Sunday as a day to be enjoyed at your leisure (Monday being the arrival and departure day).

In addition, we will take you on three half-day outings: a morning visit to Fethiye Market to shop for fresh produce, a walk in the rural hills around Mandarin to collect wild herbs, and a visit to a traditional Turkish pancake house in the atmospheric Kaya Valley.

At just €110 per person on top of the cost of your stay at Mandarin, this is a week not to be missed for keen hobby chefs!

Our Cuisine Weeks run concurrent with our Photography Weeks, so these are ideal for couples where one wishes to take part in the photography classes and the other in the cookery demonstrations.

Contact us for availability and to book.

All our tours in 2019 are organized by our local agent, Siper Tour (Tursab Nr. 3227).